The Company was originally incorporated on 25th October, 1990 in the state of Ahmedabad under the name of “Smitesh Chemicals Private Limited” which was changed to “Dhavanil Chemicals Limited”, the Company changed its name to “Shrey Chemicals Limited” on 12th January, 2012 and in 28/11/2013 Company was changed the Name to “Jagran Productions Limited”,  the Company was changed its name from “Jagran Productions Limited” to “” VERONICA PRODUCTION LIMITED on 23rd June, 2016.

The Company is listed at BSE Limited under Scrip Code: 531695

The Company has shifted its registered office in the same city of Rajkot during April, 2015. The face value of the equity shares of the Company has been split from Rs. 5/- per share to Re. 1/- per share after 9th October, 2014, record date fixed by the Company for stock- split. The face value of the equity shares of the Companyhas been Consolidated from Re. 1/- to Rs. 10/- per shares after 24/03/2017, record date fixed by the Company for Consolidation.

The Company operates as movies distribution of movie rights in India and outside India to carry on the business of production and post-production, editing of films, Serials, Realty shows, music videos, songs, events, corporate advertisements, television commercials and other activity.

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